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Begin with a free, one-hour consultation. We will send one of our experienced, certified weatherization experts to walk through your home to determine the next best steps to take. During this walk-through inspection we will identify ways to improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort. Before we leave, we will provide on-the-spot energy savings at no cost to you. Together we will decide the next phase necessary to start on the path to the most energy efficient, comfortable healthy and environmentally sound home for you and your family.

Call today.

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Financial Incentives Available

Weatherization and insulation is recommended by Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine's Residential Program can help make your home a more comfortable and affordable place to live. Learn about rebates and tax credits,

Weatherization and Insulation is recommended by advisors
Weatherization and Insulation can help save you money.
Weatherization and insulaation must be done in a lead-safe manner.
Weatherization and insulation can lower power bills.

Bangor Hydro offers several programs to help reduce the cost of installing and running energy efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling. Geothermal heat pumps are extremely efficient heating and cooling systems.

Weatherization and insulation is recommended by the US government.
Weatherization and insulation is recommended by MSHA

Programs are available through the US government to help homeowners make their homes more effecient, and reduce their carbon footprint.

If you cannot afford to heat your home, pay electric bills, or would benefit from energy improvements such as new insulation or a new heating system, help may be available from MaineHousing programs

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